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Tarpaulins which we supply is latest available technology. Color and size of the product is determined as per the requirement and preferences of the customer.. The tough synthetic fabric combined with high technology proprietary PVC compounding assures longer fabric life by their exceptional functional parameters like flex resistance and resistance to ultra violet rays. The special adhesion system gives good adhesion without sacrificing the physical parameters. But its ultimate strength depends upon the quality of yarn that goes into the weave , how it weave whether it is closed weaving or open weaving. Also the tarpaulin quality cannot measure depends on the gsm / thickness, but the quality of PVC and how it is used.

Common characteristic of our product

  • 100% water proof
  • UV Stability
  • High breaking and tearing strength
  • Highly durable
  • Repairable by heat sealing
  • Fungus and termite resistance
  • Remains light even in rains
  • Less number of panel joints
  • Easy to handle