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Pond Liner

Pond Liner

SRF Authentic Nylon SRF Authentic Nylon Fabric Store possess an excellent history of experience in the production of pond liners for industrial purposes. Pond liners can be used for agriculture, rain water harvesting, fish cultivation etc. Pond liners can also be used for the preparation of artificial ponds, in places facing water scarcity. Arranging pond liners in the bottom, water can be stored in artificial ponds, which can be used for agriculture, irrigation and rain water harvesting.

How To Use Pondliners

  • 100% water proof
  • Design the shape of pond taking into consideration the geographical specifications
  • Make a trench (depth-depends on purpose
  • Develop a ¾ feet bund.
  • Arrange one layer of HDPE ling.
  • 550 GSM N/10 SRF PVC sheet.
  • Spread one layer of Agro net above Nylon lining.
  • Arrange cement bricks on the bottom side at a distance of 4 feet.
  • Fill 4 inch mud at the bottom, if necessary.
  • Arrange sheets on the top side of the pond.
  • Fix an over flow pipe.