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SRF Authentic Nylon Fabric Store was established during the year 1973, mainly focused on nylon pondliners as a small scale business venture in Kottayam and over the years has grown to be one among the leading business people in Kerala. Though our beginning was from kottayam, we expanded it over the time to Ernakulam and then to Palakkad. During our span of 40 years experience, we have gained a thorough knowledge of traditional workmanship. we are leading suppliers of tarpaulins, fabrics, Tents & Tensile, Awnings & Umbrellas, canopies & Pagoda, Pond Liner, inflatable, Tarpaulin in panthals and much more related products. We have worked to maintain a very strong bond with our customers varying from lower levels to higher levels. To add with the success, we have trade partnerships in Kerala with the German company, Losberger and two Indian companies namely SRF and Bharath Textiles.

For Trade Enquiry : +91 9947207144,+91 8113919263